Our story



Why did we found MIYEN MUNICH?
We asked ourselves why good watches should always be expensive. Luxury should be affordable! We were sure: There must be a way to produce and offer high-quality watches at a fair price. Challenge accepted!

So, our mission is to make quality and value accessible to everyone. Worldwide.

Our mission.
MIYEN MUNICH offers its customers the highest level of quality at the best possible price.

Our vision:
We work passionately every day to make luxury accessible to everyone.

How do we achieve this? (Our philosophy)
At MIYEN MUNICH, we question the common practices of every industry.

To do this, we especially question the trend that quality has to be expensive and work every day to offer high quality products at the best price. MIYEN MUNICH is not only a watch brand, but also a symbol of independence and self-confidence. The brand focuses on its own ideas and unique style and is accessible to all people who want to express their individuality without sacrificing quality and functionality.

Our quality promise:
MIYEN MUNICH relies on high-quality materials and careful construction to produce durable and reliable products. We challenge the trend that quality should be expensive and prove that it is possible to offer watches with a perfect price-performance ratio.

Our brand promise:
MIYEN MUNICH provides you with a watch that you can proudly wear without having to spend a fortune. Durable, reliable and stylish, at unbeatable value for money.


What does MIYEN MUNICH stand for?

MIYEN stands for MInutes, YEars, New.

Minutes and Years symbolize that it is about time, about watches.

New refers to the fact that we rethink old ways, have a new approach.  MUNICH is our home in Munich, the place where the brand was created and a symbol of our quality standards.

We chose the English language because we want to offer our high-quality products at the best price to everyone worldwide. From Munich, for the whole world.